School Buildings

Open evening viewings are well underway. If you’ve seen a school in the evening, do make sure you take the chance to look around during the day.

There’s been a lot in the news this week about school buildings. In order to save money on forthcoming buildings the government has put forward measures such as constructing them with narrower corridors and smaller canteens. It’s true that many schools built over the last few years could have been constructed more cost effectively with less impressive but good designs. Allowing for the fact that many schools are adapted to accommodate existing buildings it would still have been less expensive to build schools using architectural design templates.

However, many heads disagree with some of the changes that are being proposed. They argue that wider corridors allow for more orderly movement of pupils around the school and that bigger dining halls encourage more take-up of nutritious school meals.
Better school buildings definitely improve the learning environment. If you are looking at a newly built or renovated school it’s a plus.

However, be careful not to dismiss a school because its buildings are shabby. Many missed out on funding.
Weigh up everything you know about the schools. Remember that teaching and learning, staff, pupil wellbeing and opportunities are what make a good learning environment.
Find out about looking around schools at:

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